2008 | Mr. Albert A. Angehrn
2008 | Mr. Albert A. Angehrn
Keynote speaker of the Swedish Business Awards 2008.

Albert Angehrn is Swiss, grew up in Italy, and spends most of his time in France. He holds a doctoral degree in mathematics and is Professor of Information Technology at INSEAD where he has been on the faculty since 1989.

One of his passions is the design of games and simulations, as he strongly believes in Learning-by-Doing. His current focus is on games that provide rich learning experiences by allowing users to interact with realistically-behaving virtual characters, operating within realistic contexts and situations — typically in an organization, but also in other specific environments, such as social or multi-cultural contexts (as described in the brief article: "Learning-by-Playing: Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap in Urban Communities)."

His recent focus has been on modeling collaboration dynamics and designing new simulations (codename: L2C – Learning to Collaborate) that show how difficult it is to help people engage in productive collaborations, particularly if they are in highly diverse, geographically distributed groups, and also engaged in complex processes as innovation.

His other interests range from the organizational dynamics of change and innovation — a domain in which he has developed simulations, namely the EIS simulation which is used today in top business schools around the world — to the design and study of virtual environments for knowledge exchange, learning networks dynamics, and intelligent agents operating on the web (see for instance InnoTube). His research has been published in several international academic publications and his projects have been awarded large research funds from the European Community, bringing him regularly in touch with interesting organizations such as IKEA and Ferrari, a number of banks and car manufacturers, and several innovative start-ups.
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