H. E. President of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Valdas Adamkus
H. E. President of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Valdas Adamkus
Addressed the Swedish Business Awards in 2006-2009.

During World War II, Valdas Adamkus was involved in the resistance movement for Lithuania's independence; in 1944 he fled to Germany with his parents. In 1949 Valdas Adamkus came to the United States. In early 70's Valdas Adamkus was invited to work for a newly established US federal environmental institution, the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA). He headed the Environment Research Centre and was later appointed deputy administrator at the US EPA Region 5 (Midwest Region). In 1981, he was promoted to administrator of the Environment Protection Agency.
While living in the United States, Valdas Adamkus was an active organizer of protests against Lithuania's occupation and the initiator of numerous petitions. Between 1961 and 1964, Adamkus was a member of the Board of the American-Lithuanian Community, vice-chairman of the Centre Board, member of the American-Lithuanian Council.
In 1998, Valdas Adamkus was elected President of the Republic of Lithuania. President Adamkus promoted the idea of rapid modernisation of Lithuania and worked consistently towards its implementation. On June 27, 2004, citizens of Lithuania re-elected Valdas Adamkus President of the Republic for another five-year term.
Valdas Adamkus was named the European of the Year 2007 at the European Voice Awards. In 2008, he was conferred the title of academician of the Lithuanian Olympic Academy for many years of active involvement in the Olympic movement and the promotion of its ideals.
The President of Lithuania has been bestowed 35 highest-class state decorations of various countries, including the Golden Collar of the City of Athens, the Order of Iron Wolf of the Lithuanian Scouts Union, the Order of Star of the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union and the International Olympic Committee Award for Sport and Promotion of Olympism.
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