Mr. Andrius Kubilius
Mr. Andrius Kubilius
Addressed the Swedish Business Awards in 2010 and 2011.

Mr. Andrius Kubilius, Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania. In 1988 Andrius Kubilius became a member of Sąjūdis (Reform Movement of Lithuania), in 1990-1992 he was Executive Secretary of Sąjūdis. In 1992, soon after the re-establishment of Lithuania's independence, Kubilius was elected to the Seimas (Parliament). Since then Kubilius has been an active figure in Lithuanian politics. He became a member of the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats in 1993. In 1996-1999 he served as First Deputy Speaker of the Seimas and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs. 1999-2000 he was Prime Minister of the 10th Government. 2005-2006 Deputy Speaker of the Seimas, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs. On 28th November, 2008 by Presidential Decree, Mr. Andrius Kubilius was appointed Prime Minister of the Fifteenth Government. Since December 2008 he is Head of the Cabinet.
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