Mr. Simonas Steponavičius
Mr. Simonas Steponavičius
Speaker of the Swedish Business Awards 2010.

Simonas Steponavičius is Lithuanian physician and entrepreneur within med-tech and healthcare industries. Being a passionate sailor since his early days, Simonas devotes significant amount of time for this exciting sport. Simonas was the Sailing Program Director in the “Ambersail The Millennium Odyssey” syndicate as well as Captain of SY Ambersail during the Southern Pacific leg, including rounding the Cape Horn.
In 2010 Simonas Steponavičius with partners started Offshore Racing venture Ambersail and has already participated in the 3 biggest yacht races in Northern Europe. In September 2010 Ambersail under his command came no 2 in Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race – one of the most prestigious and dangerous offshore races in Europe.
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