Mr. Joakim Helenius
Mr. Joakim Helenius
Guest speaker of the Swedish Business Awards 2010.

Mr. Joakim Helenius, Founder and Executive Chairman of Trigon Capital. Mr. Joakim Helenius has been active in international finance since 1981, as Vice President of Goldman Sachs International, then as Senior Manager of Kansallis Banking Group and Executive Director of Merill Lynch International Bank. He co-founded Trigon Capital in 1992 which has since developed to become the leading investment bank in the CEE region with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia and representation elsewhere.
In 1994 Helenius initiated and has since been director of and an adviser to the largest direct investment fund in the Baltic states – The Baltic Republics Fund. Helenius also manages TDI, an investment vehicle focused on growth stage investments in the CEE-region. He serves or has served on the advisory boards of many leading Baltic companies including Hansabank, Estonian Savings Bank, Sylvester, Viisnurk, Reval Hotel Group, EMV, Sanitus, Gutta and Baltika.
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