2014 | Mr. Edward Lucas
2014 | Mr. Edward Lucas
Having covered Russia and Central and Eastern Europe for more than 20 years as a journalist, Edward Lucas offers uniquely valuable insights into the political and economic climate of the former communist countries and how current trends will affect the West.

E. Lucas also is an expert on energy security and on Russian foreign and security policy. He is the author of the new book Deception: The Untold Story of East-West Espionage Today. It is the story of espionage and it reveals unknown triumphs and disasters of Western intelligence in the Cold War.

E. Lucas is also the author of an important, sobering and controversial book about how the new Russia threatens the world, especially conomically, and what the world should be doing about it.

The New Cold War: Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West looks penetratingly at how the Kremlin has used the tools of autocracy and their new energy wealth to build a
popular ‘stability’ at home and extend dangerous power back into its former satellites and beyond.

Edward Lucas is the Central and Eastern European correspondent for The Economist and is deputy editor of the International section. He has occupied several other European desks at the world’s foremost news weekly, including Moscow Bureau Chief from 1998 to 2002.

He studied economics at the London School of Economics and speaks five languages — German, Russian, Polish, Czech and Lithuanian.

He has been a foreign correspondent for The Independent, the BBC World Service, and a producer at BBC Radio.

He also was a major shareholder and Managing Editor of The Baltic Independent, an English-language weekly in the Baltic states.

E. Lucas offers audiences unparalleled historical perspective and indispensable, up-to-the-minute insight into modern Russia, the economic and political forces bearing down on the former communist satellite countries, and on all of Europe and beyond. He warns that Western powers have been dangerously divided, weak and complacent in the face of these new threats and suggests ways to win this new cold war.
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