2016 | Mr. Andreas Ekström
2016 | Mr. Andreas Ekström
Andreas Ekström is a writer and journalist. He focuses on the online world, media, and digital equality for the Swedish daily newspaper Sydsvenskan, and in his blog and books.

Having written a number of non-fiction books, Andreas turned his journalistic curiosity towards the ever increasing influence of Google. Although not a programmer, designer or engineer (although, he says, he does look a bit like one), in the national bestseller ”The Google Code”, Andreas took a look at the search giant and what it said about society and the world.

His journalistic study of one of the world’s most important companies, combined with his engaging, dynamic deliver has made Andreas one of Europe's most sought-after futurists. As well as helping organisations to understand how the digital revolution transforms society, he offers an insight of the tech world from a truly human perspective. He has been a TED speaker, with over a million viewers, and has been translated to 30 languages.
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