Nominations and the Procedure

The Swedish Business Awards wish to promote and strengthen the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability commitment among corporations. There is a need for greater awareness about the concept and the Swedish Business Awards would like to be a part of that process. All three awards are important steps to raise the awareness and to attract attention to excellent examples of CSR/Sustainability initiatives carried out by companies and organizations in Lithuania.

The awards ceremony will honor the most successful companies in the following nominations:

Sustainable Growth Award 
– Criteria in brief: harmonious development of the company – turnover growth with positive results during 2010 and contributions to environmental and social sustainability. 
– Limitation: only companies operating in Lithuania for at least 3 years are to be considered as candidates. 
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year
Partner of the nomination – Sida Baltic Sea Unit 
– Criteria in brief: the most relevant CSR activities or an initiative implemented during 2010 or 2011, beneficial to the development of the Lithuanian society.
Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Presented by Swedbank
– Criteria in brief: young entrepreneurs, with good reputation, inspiring and sustainable business that makes an impact to the market or society at large.

Young entrepreneurs prove the possibility of achieving ones dream by a courageous idea and the inner drive. These inspiring examples make a change to the entrepreneurs personal life and future as well as society on a larger scale. The larger impact is made possible by the innovativeness and braveness of taking the action to ones hands. The Swedish Business Awards wishes to encourage young initiative by emphasizing braveness to implement personal dreams and ideas. 

General rules: 
• Applications are collected by the Swedish Trade Council in Lithuania (STC). STC systemizes the data and presents it to the Nomination Committee.
• Three nominees per each nomination are proposed by the Nomination Committee to the Decision Committee.
• Final selection of award winners is done by the Decision Committee, using anonymous voting procedure.
• Companies and organizations, represented in the Decision Committee, can not be nominated to any category. 
• Capital origin limitation is not applicable for all three nominations. 

The entire procedure is carried out according to the highest ethical standards possible.